The Berken Story

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Why build with us?

Since 1999, we have helped people make their dream homes a reality, taking pride in our beautiful designs and quality of build. From humble beginnings inMelbourne, we offer unparalleled customer service, building not only homes, but also relationships. That’s why we are one of Melbourne’s largest and most trusted homebuilders today.

Our story began when we first built our own Berken family home way back in Melbourne. Since then, we’ve approached every build with the same level of care. All across Melbourne, you will find stunning homes built by Berken Homes.

Our success can be attributed to personalised service and an understanding of how people want to live.

When you build with Berken Homes, you enjoy complete peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

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An easy-to-follow, home building process you’ll love.

The Berken Homes Difference.

Experience, professionalism and responsibility. These are the top three characteristics you want in a home builder.

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Help is always close at hand

Our dedicated team of home builders have extensive experience in the Melbourne marketplace.

Listening to your every requirement, our team takes great pride in delivering an exceptional standard of service that is individually tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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Excellence, inside and out

We’re always seeking new ways to improve our building process, the team at Berken Homes employ innovative and sustainable construction methods that provide you with both value-for-money and flexibility, whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

By undertaking the majority of construction directly on site, we ensure that your new home is built to its strictest specifications.

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We provide peace of mind

It is no secret that many homes feature a high degree of unwanted noise. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide you with peace of mind as our concrete flooring construction method delivers superior sound insulation.

What’s more, with faster construction times, and a range of stylish colours and finishes available, our system will ensure that your new home will be a true reflection of your personality – and will stand the test of time for years to come.

Some common questions we get asked.

  • The Berken Homes team will help you estimate total costs for your home project. Please contact us or call 1800 616 377 to speak to one of our consultants for more information.

  • Possibly the biggest question in your mind is when will I be able to move into my new home? We guarantee your new home completion date regardless of the changes made to it. The date we tell you your new home will be ready is the date you can move in.
  • Berken Homes are built in premier locations across Melbourne’s north, south east, west and also Geelong.
  • To start the process we need the following:

    • An accurate and full copy of your Contract of Sale of Land including your Land Title document.

  • Just contact us and we will guide you through every single step and stage of the process. We’ll tell you exactly what you need, where to get it and how it’ll be done. We’ll go through all the timelines and expectations together. It’s what we’re best at.

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